How does Zapier integration works

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Zapier integration works with Trible in a simple way.
In this article you will find out how to create and manage this integration.

  • Zapier account
  • Create Zap
  • Zap trigger
  • Zap action

Zapier account

In order to create a Zapier integration you would need to first create an account via Zapier.

Create Zap

Second step - is to manage your integration. And here you would need to first create your first Zap in this section:

Zap trigger

Each Zap consists of Trigger and Action

Trigger is a reaction of the app on a specific operation, for example:

-new purchase (when purchase happens)

-new registration (when registration happens) 

You are able to set any of those for your current purposes. 

In this example you can see what happens if you connect your Trible account for Trigger step. 

PLEASE NOTE that you would need to enter your Trial account credentials to proceed in the ACCOUNT section to connect it:

Next step would be a Test of your current trigger.  

In a final Test step you need to test the trigger and make sure it’s working. No worries, the app will do the checking by itself :)

Zap action

After you are done with the trigger - the second step is action and we will check it according to the Trible account as well.

Actions - is an outcome and reaction of the app for a specific trigger. 

And if you adding your Trible account to actions you can choose 2 different actions:

-Grant access to the offer (this option allows to create access for your existing customers)

-Revoke access (allows you to revoke access from your existing customers if needed)

Choose the required action in this step and press continue

Next step is your account confirmation just as you did before in a trigger step.

PLEASE NOTE that you would need to enter your Trial account credentials to proceed in the ACCOUNT section.


Next - you would need to fill the information:

  • Required email address (required) - for the above-mentioned example, you will add your customer's email which needs to add Access to the Offer or Revoke it for example.
  • First name/Last name - considered as non-obligatory parameter that may be skipped
  • Project (required) - needs to be chosen by a default
  • Offer (required) - each of your previously created offers can be added to this action which allows you to choose which offer you would like grant an access to. 

It's important to understand that Zapier, is an outstanding integration, that allows to resolve multiple tasks and activities as well as upgrade your Sales capabilities for the product you own. Find out here how to upgrade your Trible Sales capabilities with Zapier here

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