How to migrate your users from another platform to Trible

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In this article:

  • How to manage your current users

  • How to add a single user 

  • How to add multiple users

How to migrate your current users from another platform

Your user management page is located in your account and is called "Contacts". 

After accessing this tab you will see multiple entities. If you are interested in more information regarding analytics – please check this article.

From this tab, you can see the information about your recent registrations, your customer's emails and names they've used for registration.

How to add a single user

After accessing the "Contacts" tab you will see "Add contacts" button in the top right corner. 

After pressing the button you will be redirected to a specific contacts menu that includes options of adding a single user or multiple users.

To add a single user you need to enter their email and name (optional) and make sure to choose a relevant offer that you would like them to receive access to. 

Finish by pressing "Add & send invitation".

How to add a multiple users

We already know how to add a single user. However, we are aware that you may have an entire database of customers to migrate to your new Trible product. 

To do that, simply enter the same "Contacts" page and choose another option – "Add multiple contacts".

In that menu you will see the sheet with the following entities:

  • Name (optional)

  • Email

  • Phone number (optional)

You can either manually type you contacts information or paste the data from another document. The blank sheet consists of only 10 rows, but don't worry – it will stretch once you'll add more than 10 contacts.

After pressing "Continue with X contact(s)" button you will see a tab where you need to choose a specific offer to which you would like to grant access.

Choose a relevant offer and finish by pressing a button at the bottom of the screen. 

After completing the steps – an email with credentials and password reset suggestion will be sent to your user. On our end – their account will be created, on their end – your customers will have to log in to your app with credentials from the email.

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